Author: Ken Murray

Happy Holidays to all you Uke Lovers!

We will be closed on Christmas and New Year’s, so our normal Friday evening gatherings will resume on January, 8. Saturday Concerts with Sakai and Guests will resume on January 9.



My name is Rebecca and I’m your new host here at the UKE HUT website! We’re absolutely delighted to have you!

As you may notice, our website is going through some changes! Hopefully it’ll be bright shiny and new in the near future -but for the moment, thanks for excusing the mess 🙂

In the mean time, did you know that the UKE HUT is offering holiday specials? There are plenty of wonderful ways to show your love to your loved ones, but,  as a fellow ukulele enthusiast once said, “if everyone played ukulele, the world would be a better place.”

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I guess you’ll have to drop by the store and see what that’s all about.

Keep checking back for updates to our site! I hope to see you around – take care, all!

Rebecca Chinn

Ukulele Enthusiast since ’05

Store Inventory:

We have expanded our offerings in many categories, so we invite you to come and see the largest collection of ukuleles that you can actually play before you buy! What a concept!

Kala: Our Kala line includes over 50 choices of their high quality ukuleles. We maintain our recommended choices and constantly replenish our inventory, so you can always find the most options at our store.


U-basses: Does any other music store have a u-bass you can try? We have approximately 15 on display! These include Kalas, Islanders, Lunas, and the brand new Fluke Fretted Bass!. We have Acoustic and Solid-body Basses, 4 and 5 string, fretted and fretless, etc. No better place to make your choice.


Banjo-leles: We have 4 brands of Banjoleles…


Guitarleles: Kala, Islander, etc.


Luna: We have recently become a Luna dealer and have an extensive line of their very reasonable and excellent ukuleles. We especially like their bell-brass resonator uke! Come see it.


Ukehut Ukes: We have added our own line of solid wood ukes made for us in Asia by an experienced instrument manufacturer. Come see our own labeled ukes.


Konablaster: We have been featuring our own version of the steel-string ukulele that was first developed by Bruce Herron and one of the Allman Bros. WE have their soprano, tenor and baritone models made of poplar and looking very elegant. (only available through us in poplar.) We are very excited to announce a new instrument that we designed in partnership with Bruce-a slide, tenor ukulele!. We expect delivery any day now!


Roland Amps: We have added an extensive choice of small amps that are great-We sounding and portable-just like ukuleles. See if you agree with our conclusions.


Boss Pedals: We have some loopers, vocal processors and other effects that are compatible with ukulele form the best provider of electronics.


Other Choices: KoAloha, Kanilea, Koolau, Pono, Islander, Flukes, Flea,  Lulu, etc.

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